Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal

On the base of Alexa Website traffic statistics, including Alexa Rank, engagement metrics, referral sources, audience insights, technical team, and local resources, we have highlighted a few best online shopping website in Nepal. Many of them based in Kathmandu valley. They are as below:


Daraz is Alibaba Group’s online marketplace (e-commerce) and logistics company for south Asia and Southeast Asia such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. They have invested large fund and have a professional technical team so, it becomes a leading online marketplace in this region, connecting thousands of sellers with millions of customers. No doubt, they will remain king for many years.


OkDam is online shopping site managed my few Nepalese innovative young IT professional. It offers Online Shopping in Nepal. You can place an order from around the world to delivery within Nepal. It means you can purchase their products from any place of Kathmandu valley to deliver any mention destination. Similarly, If you are aboard and want to send any parcel or services to your loves one, then you can do within just a straightforward click. They will do delivery accordingly.

Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal
Best Online Shopping Website in Nepal

Similarly, it offers a free Online Store for people. You can create an online store to sale your products such as clothes, electrical items, household and so on. Even you can advertise your services, for example, SEO, Digital Marketing, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Keyword research, backlinks services and so on..Once you purchase any product Okdam will charge very minimum services charges. So it will be the best option for many unemployment youths around the country or who recently back to Nepal from aboard. As it’s owned by IT professional youth, so we can say its a long race horse.

Online Shopping Website in Kathmandu and Nepal

Similarly, there are pretty popular and best other e-commerce shopping websites, and they are as below.



Muncha House




Finally, the sky has no limit. So, do you think we missed other best e-shop projects? Let us know so that we will update here.

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