Search Engine Submission

We will offer a Search Engine Submission service to submit your website into top 4 Search Engines (Google / Yahoo / Bing / Ask )  once as an express package. Similarly, if you have a metro service, then we will do for six months and 12 months for Extra deal. So, order with confidence as we have 100% money back guaranty.

  • Express Package: £10
  • Metro Package : £20
  • Extra package : £36
Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Submission

In this service, you can get benefits of 

  • Create and submit a sitemap
  • Check Google Blacklist. Google blacklists over 750,000 sites! Keep your site off the list. Most websites don’t know if they are on the Blacklist. Here’s how you get there:
    •  By being infected with malware
    •  By having links to sites infected by malware
    •  By having links to sites with deceptive business
    Note: The term “malware” covers all sorts of malicious software, including viruses, worms, and spyware.
  • Boost your traffic- Link Building 
  • See Your New Listings (Viewing your new listings in the search engines. This tool verifies which search engines have received your Sitemap. Once the results will return, click any search engine to see your new listings. Note: It may take up to 72 hours from the time of Sitemap Submission for new listings to appear in search results.
Difference between Free Search Engine Submission and paid

There are plenty of free websites to submit your website into a search engine, including Google. But if you want to others related as above mention’s professional service, then please contact us to book an appointment. Similarly, if you like other IT support, including digital marketing, please let us know.

Finally, If are you looking for the digital package then please have a look: Similarly, For more information, please call us.