Website Health Check

Website Health Check can be quantified in many ways, but the easiest is by tracking and assessing the number of site errors over time. As technical issues with the site get resolved, the number of broken pages and other flags will gradually shrink to zero, a clean bill of health. We have a skilful and experience IT Consultants such as website analyst, digital specialist and a content specialist to do a website health check. Normally, we will perform the following checks on your business or organization’s website.

Website Health Check
Website Health Check

SEO Health Check

We will perform keyword research, title tags, website copy, backlink analysis and more.

Website Structure and Design check

Website will be checked for user experience and conversions. We will also check the site for any technical errors.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors might be taking away your potential customers. We will perform a competitor analysis to give you an idea on where you stand (based on your SEO, Social Media and digital presence) compared to your competitor. And suggestions will be included in suggestions report on how you can beat your competitors in digital space.

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SUGGESTIONS REPORT – Based on the analysis, we will prepare suggestions report to help you improve the sales and conversions from your website and expand your brand online.